Patient PromiseTM


A Promise is Powerful

It’s a statement of intention, a roadmap to the future. When you make a promise, you’re pledging to do something, to be someone. You’re setting yourself on a course and committing to seeing it through.

That’s why promises are so important – they represent your word, your honor.

Axis Brain & Back is dedicated to its patients and committed to keeping its promises. That’s why the physicians at Axis Brain & Back participate in Marvel Group’s Surgical Stewardship Program™.  As a result of such participation, certain Axis Brain & Back patients may be eligible to receive Marvel Group’s Patient Promise™.

dr. saeid aryan making a Patient Promise

The Patient Promise is a surgical outcome warranty, providing an extra layer of financial protection.

Patients may be eligible for a credit up to $5,000 to help offset out of pocket expenses if a reoperation is needed.

Terms and Conditions apply.


It’s simple, really.

First, we are extremely confident in our ability to achieve the best possible outcomes for our patients. We are part of a small group of spine surgeons nationwide that have been selected to participate in Marvel Group’s Surgical Sterwardship™ program – a program that invites only the best-of-the-best spine surgeons to join. We were asked to join this program because of our outstanding record for achieving maximum surgical outcomes for our patients.

You have a right to expect an excellent surgical outcome. However, revision surgeries can occur and may even be necessary in certain situations. In the rare event that a revision surgery is needed, it is reassuring to know that your out-of-pocket expenses will be offset through The Patient Promise™ – a surgical outcome warranty. We will always have your back.

Please click the link below to review the complete Terms and Conditions of the Surgical Stewardship™ Program to determine if you and your procedure are eligible for Marvel Group’s Patient Promise™.

Please click below to read Marvel Group’s Terms & Conditions.


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