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The Patient Promise® Benefits & Coverage

The Patient Promise® program offers unique healthcare coverage focused on spine surgery guarantees, reimbursing you up to $5,000 for any additional out-of-pocket expenses should you require a follow-up spine surgery within a year of the initial operation. According to the Journal of Spine Surgery, revision rates for spinal surgeries in the US range from 8% to 45%.


This program is free; your only requirement is to choose a participating spine surgeon.


Our spine surgeons are carefully chosen for their expertise in spine surgery, ensuring all procedures are carried out on-site at premier US hospitals and surgery centers.


By arranging a one-on-one consultation with a certified Patient Promise® spine surgeon, you can gather all the necessary details to make a well-informed decision regarding your healthcare.

Benefits & Coverage

Here’s what you get when you choose a Patient Promise® Surgeon

Financial Security: Ensures refunds on out-of-pocket expenses if follow-up surgery is needed, reducing financial risk and stress.


Quality Care Guarantee: Access to top-tier medical professionals and facilities, emphasizing the promise of quality and safety in patient care. Participating surgeons voluntarily submit up to five years of historical surgery results as a prerequisite for entrance into the program. [already vetted group of top-tier spine surgeons]


Streamlined Recovery Support: Comprehensive post-surgery support streamlines the recovery process, guiding patients from rehabilitation to follow-up appointments seamlessly. This allows for direct feedback to the surgeon, ensuring a personalized and effective recovery journey.

Benefits & Coverage

Why Choose a Patient
Promise® Surgeon

Get Peace of Mind

Knowing that your financial investment is protected and quality care is assured provides patients with a sense of security and comfort during their recovery.

Reduced Financial Burden

The promise of expense refunds in case of an unplanned followup surgery alleviates the financial stress associated with healthcare, allowing patients to recover with peace of mind. 

Empowered Decision-Making

Armed with comprehensive information and support, patients can make informed healthcare decisions, ensuring their needs and preferences are prioritized.

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