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The Marvel Group's Patient Promise Program

The Marvel Group operates the Patient Promise program, a distinctive healthcare initiative that enhances collaboration between hospitals and private practice spine surgeons. This program offers a unique value proposition by providing a surgery guarantee, which serves as a powerful tool to attract new patients and improve both clinical and financial outcomes.

Key Benefits of Patient Promise for Hospital:

Attract More Patients: By partnering with the Marvel Group, hospitals and surgeons gain a competitive edge in the market. The surgery guarantee acts as a patient-centric selling point, distinguishing your services and enhancing the reputation of the facility.


Builds Hospital & Surgeon Reputation: Access to a national database of spine surgery outcomes enables hospitals and surgeons to improve their case-by-case performance. This data-driven approach enhances patient satisfaction and boosts the reputation of both hospitals and surgeons.

Deliver Better Outcomes for All: Marvel Group has created a healthcare system tailored to elevate the standard of care. This approach ensures superior outcomes for patients, surgeons, and hospitals alike, fostering an environment of excellence in spine surgery care.


Through its innovative approach and strategic partnerships, the Patient Promise program will position your hospital at the forefront of spine surgery services. It not only enhances patient trust and satisfaction but also supports the continuous improvement of surgical outcomes and institutional reputation.

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