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Patient Promise®

Surgery Guarantee

What is the

Patient Promise®?

The Patient Promise® is a surgery guarantee that covers patients’ out-of-pocket expense if a follow-up surgery is needed. The Patient Promise® demonstrates our unwavering commitment to you and your well-being and the success of your surgery.

How can we offer the Patient Promise®?

It’s simple, actually. Dr. Verdon is a member of a small, elite group of Spine Surgeons nationwide who can offer patients the Patient Promise® surgery guarantee. This program exclusively invites the top-notch Spine Surgeons to join, and Dr. Verdon was invited due to his exceptional track record in achieving the best surgical outcomes for the patients.

Minimally invasive spine surgery means faster recovery.

Dr. Verdon uses advanced spine surgery technology to make sure his patients get personalized treatments with less invasive medical devices. This helps Dr. Verdon’s patients recover faster and get back to a pain-free life sooner because quicker recoveries produce better surgery outcomes.

We’ve got your back.

You have a right to expect an excellent surgery outcome. However, revision surgeries can occur and may even be necessary in certain situations. In the rare event that a follow-up surgery is needed, it’s reassuring to know that we will provide financial assistance through the Patient Promise®. We will always have your back.
Patient Promise from Dr. Kenneth Reesor

A promise is a powerful thing.

It’s a statement of intention, a roadmap to the future. When you make a promise, you’re pledging to do something, to be someone, setting yourself on a course and committing to seeing it through. That’s why promises are so important – they represent your word, your honor, and your dedication to maintaining your commitments.

Dr. Michael Verdon is dedicated to his patients and committed to keeping his promises. His unwavering commitment to patient care is evident in his dedication to providing patients with the Patient Promise® surgery guarantee, ensuring each person receives the highest standard of care and attention throughout their healthcare journey.
Review the complete Terms and Conditions of the Patient Promise® to determine if you and your procedure are eligible.
Michael Verdon, DO, FACOS