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Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO)

Patient IQ with Dr. Kenneth Reesor

Putting data-driven medicine to work for patients.

Data-driven medicine is an emerging trend that has changed the way elite spine surgeons like Dr. Verdon approach surgery.

Patient-reported outcomes (PRO) require an extra level of detail and expertise. Pre-surgical, interoperative, and post-operative data collection is vital information that allows Dr. Verdon a unique perspective to deliver better patient outcomes and results. The data collected is critical in providing the patient with the best experience through surgery and recovery.


Patient IQ with Dr. Kenneth Reesor

Accessing the power
of Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO).

Because Dr. Verdon is part of Marvel Group’s Patient Promise® program, he can access the power of Patient Reported Outcomes, which provides cutting-edge data collection and analysis software that automates the collection of data directly from the patient in the pre-surgical, intraoperative, and post-surgical settings.

All data collected is analyzed and returned to Dr Verdon and used to improve treatment protocols for patients.

This university-level data also helps predict the likelihood of success for a surgical procedure because it takes into consideration a range of factors that are likely to influence surgical outcomes.


Patient Reported Outcomes help elite Spine Surgeons like Dr. Verdon track the patient’s recovery to ensure better outcomes.

Michael Verdon, DO, FACOS