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Meet Dr. Verdon

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Highly trained, highly experienced.

Michael Verdon, DO, FACOS is a board-certified, fellowship-trained Neurosurgeon who has been treating patients with spinal disorders for over 20 years.

Dr. Verdon comes from a medical family and started his healthcare career path as a physical therapist. Then, at the age of 30, Dr. Verdon went back to medical school and trained as a Neurosurgeon.

He is a Fellow of the American Osteopathic Board of Surgeons and completed his residency in Neurological Surgery at St. John/Providence Hospital in metro Detroit, Michigan. Dr. Verdon is highly educated and trained, holding a Doctorate in Osteopathic Medicine from Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine, a Master’s degree in physical therapy from Wheeling Jesuit University, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, CA.

Dr. Verdon’s approach to Neurosurgery is compassionate and patient-centered, with a primary focus on improving his patient’s function, and facilitating their ability to enjoy life more fully.

dr. michael verdon

Harnessing the power of technology.

Dr. Verdon not only uses technology in his practice to help patients but is also developing technology of his own, using data points to diagnose patients more accurately.

In 2018, Dr. Verdon received an award for implementing a machine learning algorithm to accurately diagnose spinal pain conditions. Then in 2020, Dr. Verdon co-founded Transcendent Care, Inc. with the mission of developing machine learning tools to increase effectiveness and efficiency in the diagnosis and treatment of spinal disorders. 

“I use data and technology to define where the pain is being generated,” he said. “Is it nerve pain? Is it ligament pain? Is it disc pain? Once we determine the pain points, we can then work on a plan to eliminate them.”

“Most of the data in diagnostics is used for billing purposes, not for diagnosis,” he said. “We know there are a lot of insights in data, and we are working on a tool that will harness that information.”

dr. michael verdon

Reimagining pain relief.

Dr. Verdon’s patients are sometimes surprised to learn that he doesn’t always recommend surgery to eliminate their pain. Instead, he prefers to take a process-oriented approach to eliminate specific pain generators. Sometimes that means a surgical approach, and sometimes it means a non-surgical approach.

“Eliminating the pain doesn’t always involve surgery – especially not at first,” he explained. “Once we find out what is causing the pain, we can generate a treatment plan to eliminate those specific pain generators.”

“I treat patients, not x-rays,” he continued. “You can’t just look at an x-ray and know the best approach for that patient – you have to use their pain as an indicator and let it direct the solution.”

In addition to surgery, other pain-relieving tools in his arsenal include injections, physical therapy, lifestyle changes, and many others.

“A patient’s pain shapes the prognosis and diagnosis and directs which surgical or nonsurgical approach I recommend.”


“I treat patients, not x-rays. You can’t just look at an x-ray and know the best approach for that patient – you have to use their pain as an indicator and let it direct the solution.”


— Dr. Michael Verdon

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Michael Verdon, DO, FACOS